Accounting Manager

1 Bachelor degree or above;
2There are intermediate accounting titles;
3 CPA professional stage exams by 2 or more;
4 relevant job experience.

Job responsibilities: 1 responsible for answering the accounting department daily problems;
2 responsible for customer service consulting and questions;
3 responsible for answering questions of account customers;
4 and the guidance of the competent department to complete other related matters;
5 responsible for the accounting and tax treatment of account customers.


Job responsibilities: 
1, the company's cash, bank notes and seal management;
2, employee reimbursement and cost management;
3, the daily bank receipt and payment and balance of payments reporting, bank account reconciliation;
4, the Related Companies for a bank account, cancel the account and online banking information, filing regular;
5. Other tasks assigned by the leadership.

1, professional background: Accounting and finance related major, understand the national financial policy, accounting and tax regulations, are familiar with bank settlement operations;
2, personal qualities: proactive, timely completion of tasks, with strong communication and coordination ability, good learning ability, ability to work independently, good professional ethics;
3, familiar with UFIDA software and office software.

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